Where does willpower come from? Let us try to focus for a while within ourselves. Does it come from our mind? If that would be so then our willpower would be very weak. How many people are trying to change their life, exercises regularly, stop smoking, but all in vain. It is all due to their motivation being based purely on logical reasoning, on thoughts. This is not enough to change our habits. To decide on something, or agree with something is still far, very far from action and from becoming what we want to become. Our mind is very limited.

Sometimes the power of will is based on emotional movements. Maybe we have a bed feeling or we are sad that we have some bad qualities. But even this bad feeling has not enough power to be able to rid us off these things. They will show their appearance again and we will be disappointed. Again and again.

But if we focus much deeper and strenghten our spiritual heart consciously and regularly we discover that willpower (that comes from there) has no limits. One thing that limits our willpower is our refusal of new things. If we are not open and able to receive new experiences, new thoughts, new habits, new flow of consciousness, than we limit our spiritual strength. This close-mindedness can manifest on different levels – in our mind and emotions as well. But we may not even be aware of it. To disclose it we have to slowly and steadily dive deep into ourselves. That takes some time and requires discipline. That’s why we invite to one of our meditation classes 🙂


When we learn how to discover willpower within ourselves we can use it practically to change our character, our bad habits, and to transform our negative qualities into their positive counterparts (fear into courage, weakness into power, pride into humility, etc.). Another problem is that we unconsciously don’t want to undergo any change because we secretly like our bad qualities and sometimes even enjoy them. Only after we can forget this attitude and let things flow, only then we can start really changing ourselves into a human being that has less from the animal kingdom and more from the divine world. With determination and steady transformation we can reach the summit of spiritual life: full realisation of our inner reality, enlightement.

Constructive will-power
Can change darkness into light.
Destructive will-power
Can change day into night.

Once we gain willpower at our disposal it is up to us how we use it. Willpower on its own doesn’t mean positive change. If we don’t have any spiritual guidance, if we don’t follow the will of our soul but our desires or even somebody else’s desires instead, then we can do a lot of damage and perhaps even hurt people around us. But once we manage to hear, feel and follow our soul’s will we can be absolutely certain that the result will always be positive, joyful and fulfilling. By following our soul’s will we receive real happiness – that will never disappear but will be stored somewhere deep inside us. The mind may be doubting and trying to convince us that it’s better to postpone actions or do something else, but especially in that moment we must not give up. We must not give up. We must never give up.

A good and inspiring example of willpower used in action are ultramarathon races. The distance is so great that to finish them our vital power is not enough. But it’s necessary to gain power somewhere deeper. One of the longest races in the world is the 3100 Mile Self-Transcendence Race in New York. You can watch very interesting and inspiring videos from this and other ultra races Perfection Journey Vimeo channel.